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Capacity for Indonesia - Coordinated, Reliable and Ready for use

Detailed information
Special offer: capacity on ABS-2 at 75E in standard Ku-band!
The UTS beam presented here for your kind attention is pointed in a way that provides optimal coverage over the territory of the Republic of Indonesia with its population spread across numerous islands, mountainous and rural regions.

About satellite: ABS-2 is a geostationary satellite operating in the Ku-, Ka- and C-band frequency spectrum. The satellite was launched on 6 February 2014, is reliable and stable. 
Connectivity via ABS-2 is demanded by B2G and B2B segment for tracking, corporate networks and broadcasting. 
The satellite is duly coordinated and has landing rights in the Republic of Indonesia. 
You are welcome to contact us for testing any time.
Parameter Value
Orbital position 75º East
Satellite launch date 6 February 2014
Station-keeping accuracy: ± 0.05º
Transponder UTS11 / UTS12
Transponder E.i.r.p. @ Beampeak: 52 dBW
Polarization linear: horizontal (uplink); vertical (downlink)
Bandwidth 54MHz
Transponder G/T @ Beampeak 5 dB/К
Center frequency (uplink/downlink) 14405/11605 МHz (UTS11); 14465/11665 МHz (UTS12)